Since 1986, our team has successfully created an understanding for the needs in the industry, and provided high quality oil to fulfill all needs. 

Sunrocs is an independent oil company with our own blending and production facilities in Europe.

For more than 35 years, Sunrocs has been among the best in the oil industry thanks to our ongoing research, and constant striving for perfection. Therefore, we are always first when it comes to new quality and products.

On this website, you will find everything from oil to the mower, racing cars, the largest trucks, tractors and industrial machinery.

With Sunrocs as your supplier, you will get a total solution of quality and service.

We can ensure you high quality lubricants and service

unsurpassed QUALITY

Quality control is synonymous with Sunrocs. Therefore, Sunrocs production is certified under ISO 9001. A high standard that is being constantly followed.

In the laboratories, each step of the production is being monitored by highly qualified and experienced chemical engineers. The latest analytical tests, procedures and test-equipment is not only prestige investments, but necessary tools to produce the high quality of a Sunrocs product.

Base oils, additives and finished products undergo stringent tests and it is only after the approval of the laboratory technicians the finished formulations are approved. All of Sunrocs products are tested in laboratories and undergoes a full testing program in the “field” before being released for sale to our customers.

Worldwide supply

 No task is too hard or big for us. With several years of experience in supplying lubricants internationally, we are constantly equipped and prepared to assist you with all your demands.

Cost cutting

Cutting the cost on your lubricants does not always equal bad quality. With our customized solutions, we can ensure that your operations keeps running smoothly, while you are benefitting from the cost cut.